Youth Ministry

GYD 2020

GYD 2019

ADOPT: Tsholofelo Clinic

With the support of the youth and the senior youth, the GYD inspired AOPT mission engaged the youth into adopting a local Clinic near the church, the Tsholofelo Clinic, to which they visited and preached to 3 times a week. This initiative will run throughout the year, it includes a health expo that was hosted by the youth earlier this year.

GYD 2018 


Broadhurst Food and Water Drive

The youth conducted a food and water drive in the Broadhurst BBS mall.

Maruapula Efforts

Following the Food and Water Drive later that year, with the support of the youth and the senior youth, the GYD inspired efforts engaged the youth into mission work, going to church is only the beginning, there's a lot more to the faith, you not only have to listen to sermons but you have to practice what you preach. The true practice of religion involves the revelation of God’s love in living out Jesus’s gospel commission.


In preparation for the 2 weeks Youth Efforts scheduled to start on September 8th, the Youth Ministries Department requests the church to help raise P15 000.00 to help run the effort.

Contact the Youth Leader to get more information on how you can help.

We would like to thank those that participated and landed a hand throughout the youth efforts, please continue your support throughout the year.